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Custom Holesaw Technologies Inc.

Custom Holesaw Technologies, Inc. manufactures hole saws to your specifications. So what does this mean? It means our experienced technical staff will help you determine the right saw for your application. Critical details such as substrate, tooth count, set and pattern, as well as blade type are all factors that we consider when developing your saw. Whether you are cutting stainless steel or polyurethane foam, carbon fiber or fiberglass, slate rock or acrylic, we can help.

Our manufacturing process allows us to produce standard or metric saws in any increment, up to 25" in diameter and up to 18" in depth! Are you cutting a hole through a ship's hull to install bow thrusters? Tapping into a large diameter HDPE pipe? We can help. Do you need to cut holes into raised access flooring tiles? Custom Hole Saw has even developed a saw specifically for that application as well.

Search our "Stock Sizes" page to see if we stock a saw that will fit your needs. Our stock holesaws are manufactured in quantity runs, so we are able to offer them at a savings to our customers. If you don't find the saw you need, go to our "Build Custom Saw" page and order exactly the custom hole-saw you need.

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